The Go-To Video Production Company in Romania

We are a one-stop boutique production company in Romania offering complete film production services. Whether you are filming a documentary in Romania, following a cover story or planning a TV commercial production, we can provide you with the support you need.

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Our dedicated team of fixers, location managers and local coordinators deals with film production services, from handling the logistics of traveling and getting film permits to equipment rental and fixer services.

Filming in Romania is a relatively new production company, but each member of our team has years of experience in helping media & film professionals achieve their goals. Most of our team members have started as professional fixers and took the job to the next level. As a team, we worked on content for world-renowned platforms like BBC, Discovery Channel, the New York Times and Netflix. In addition, we did commercial and branded content for brands like Nike or Panasonic. We made it our mission to help media professionals with their film projects in Romania so that everything goes smoothly. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.

A one-stop boutique production company in Romania

If you plan on shooting a film or creative ad in Romania, count on us to offer you the production support you need. You should get in touch with our production company in Romania if:

You want to get film permits for your video production fast and without any hassle
You need to rent lenses in Romania and are looking for a top camera package rental offer
You are looking for an assistant from a film production company in Romania to handle local details
You want to get in-depth local insight from a professional video production company
You are looking to gain access to remote locations or even high government officials
You are in search of a reliable film crew and local talent that will bring value to your project
You want to find local contributors who can help with ideas and fact-checking

Our production company in Romania can offer you all that and more. We are ready to tackle any challenge and help you with your video project. We believe nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to go the extra mile. And we are.

We have years of experience in dealing with local regulation and authorities when it comes to getting film permits fast. We helped global media companies shoot their documentary films and we are proud of our results. We have also been involved in commercial ads projects, as well as journalistic cover stories. With a great passion for the media & film-making industry, in-depth knowhow gained in years of experience and a solution-oriented approach, we consider ourselves the most adaptable boutique production company in Romania.

Shooting in Romania is a wonderful idea, but it can be quite difficult without expert local help. This is how our film production company can help. We offer 24/7 assistance and can help you discover the local flavour of rural & urban communities in Romania. Count on our production company to understand your vision and enhance your means so that the final result is nothing short of extraordinary.

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Reliable & high-quality film production services in Romania

If you are looking for film production services in Romania, then we can help. Filming in Romania offers complete production services that include film permits as well as handling logistics and, if needed, equipment rental. When working with us, all you need for your video project in Romania is your creative idea. We can handle the rest. We have expertise in all media production fields, including:

Corporate videos for companies and global brands. We can help you find the best location, get access to local talent and handle your equipment needs.

Documentaries. Our film production services extend to docs as well. We can help you get access to remote locations and get in touch with interesting locals with stories to share.

Music video production. We also offer film production services in Romania for music videos. We can help you save time, effort and money by handling logistics and get you access to the best offers.

Cover stories & photojournalism. If you are a journalist following a cover story in Romania, then you can rely on us to provide you will all the help you need. From professional fixers to valuable contributors and local talent, we can help you document your story and reveal in-depth insights.

Written journalistic reports. You do not need film production services in Romania for a written journalistic report, but you do need an expert fixer to help you gain insights and local support. Count on us to help you create in-depth journalistic reports.

Radio pieces (including podcasts). Tell us your creative idea and let us help you implement it. Whether you need audio equipment, local talent or access to certain people, we can handle it.

Feature films. There are many movies filming in Romania, but we are the only company that offers complete film production services. From getting you in touch with the best film crew and local talent to location scouting & film permits, we handle the logistics of your feature film project.

TV commercials & creative ads. As a fresh & dynamic TV production company in Romania, we can help you produce creative ads for global brands. Let us help you find local talent and equipment rental at local rates.

Reality shows. Our film production services extend to reality shows as well and we are here for you, no matter what you need. Whether it is a great camera package rental offer, shooting crew or film permits, you can count on us.

Current affairs reports. Romania is a country where everything happens fast and some of the stories become global. If you are following such a story, count on us to offer your flawless fact-checking and local access, even to high government officials.

Web clips. Make a professional web clip in Romania and use our production services. Get valuable local contributors, as well as Romanian fixers that can help you deal with the logistics of your project.

Whether you are looking for film production services in Romania or a TV production company, choose Filming in Romania. We are dedicated to the industry of media & filmmaking, have the right know-how and experience and a solutions-oriented approach. Our recurring clients are global media companies and we understand what it means to have a unique vision and the will to implement it. Get in touch and tell us how we can help you.