Planning on filming a TV commercial and are looking for production support in Romania? Need a fixer in Romania for your documentary film project? Or a camera package rental offer for your music video or feature film? Regardless of what kind of production support you need, we can help.

Filming in Romania is a one-stop boutique production company with an impressive portfolio. We helped international media and production companies in doing documentary films, current affairs reports, radio shows, and commercial videos. We have been there at the birth of amazing projects, some of which you probably know and love. But enough small talk. Let us take you through all the brilliant projects we worked on and show you what our clients have to say about it.

Corporate & TV Commercial Production Support in Romania

We offered fixers services and production support in Romania to international production companies working for world-renowned brands and helped them create fantastic TV commercials & corporate videos.

production support in Romania
We offered fixer services and crew hire in Romania on a production for Nike’s Dream Crazier campaign featuring tennis superstar Simona Halep.
production support in Romania
We worked with Panasonic on their corporate commercial campaign for Lumix G80 and handled the logistics of traveling, film permits as well as the access to traditional rural communities in Romania.

Documentary filming in Romania

We provided global media brands with film permits for their doc projects in Romania, camera package rental offers and journalist fixer services. We are proud to have been part of these amazing projects that have traveled the world and made an impact.

filming in Romania
It was an absolute delight to work with Jack Whitehall and be part of his Travels With My Father show. If you have not already watched the episode where Michael and Jack visit Europe’s most unusual cemetery in Romania, then you have to see it. We also offered production fixer services in Romania for other Netflix documentaries such as The World’s Toughest Prisons and One Strange Rock.
filming in Romania
Some spectacular places in Romania were featured in Discovery Channel’s What on Earth show and we were part of the production team. We helped Discovery Channel get film permits fast, as well as gain access to remote and restricted locations in Romania.
production support in Romania
If you have seen BAFTA winner James Bluemel’s TV documentary The Romanians Are Coming, a piece that won a Grierson Award, then you have to know that we were there from the start. We helped Channel 4 with journalist fixer services as well as production services.
production support in Romania
Working with Chris was an inspiration to us and we are glad to have been part of such an amazing film crew. Offering production support in Romania to Whitworth Media was a great experience.
filming in Romania
Our company offered production support, logistics help as well as camera package rental deals to History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and Fifth Gear. We travelled the country together, helped them getting film permits as well as gaining access to valuable local insights.
production support in Romania
This documentary episode is one of our favourite projects so far. We helped the team from France TV gain access to a remote rural community in Romania only reachable by foot after a two-hour hike through the woods. The result is a wonderful piece about children who have to go the extra mile (literally) to receive an education.

Production support in Romania for current affairs, journalistic reports & cover stories

Our expert journalist fixers have helped global media professionals with their impactful journalistic work. We handled the logistics, helped with translation services & fact-checking, and facilitated their access to various locations and people, including government officials. We are proud to have worked with some of the best known media organizations in the world.

filming in Romania
We worked with the BBC teams many times and each project was an experience worth telling. Some of these pieces included cover stories and current affairs reports about the health system in the UK and Romania, the power of the Romanian Orthodox Church, as well as a piece about Romanian children with disabilities presented by CBBC’s reporter Ruben Reuter.
filming in Romania
Filming in Romania helped The Times with many current affairs reports, offered logistics support, translation services as well as local insights. Our fixers in Romania enjoyed working with amazing journalists and media professionals and we are proud of the pieces that resulted from this fantastic collaboration.
filming in Romania
Filming in Romania helped the New York Times team with an exciting piece about street fashion style. It was a great experience to introduce the New York Times team to our local culture and help them discover valuable local insights in urban communities in Romania.
fixer in Romania
Our team of journalist fixers helped Euromoney produce a cover story about one of Romania’s most influential individuals, Mugur Isarescu, the central bank governor.
fixer in Romania
When the oldest newspaper in Japan Mainichi Shimbun wanted to do a front page series about the Romanian Revolution, we were excited. It was a great opportunity to offer their Vienna correspondent Koji Miki access to witnesses, government officials and exclusive documents about the Revolution.
fixer in Romania


We offered production services in Romania, as well as fixer services to ITV for a piece regarding the Colectiv disaster in 2015.

Production Support in Romania for media & filmmaking professionals

If you are looking for a film permit in Romania, a camera package rental deal, a Romanian fixer to help with local access, a location scout or other production support services, you can count on us. Our clients did and they are happy with the results.

I had a spontaneous and important trip to Romania to cover a delicate story. I literally called Paul at the last minute on arrival – and I am extremely thankful that I did. Not only because he cleared the next day for me, demonstrated exquisite translating skills and an understanding of interviewing in a sensitive situation. But he also showed commitment beyond usual standards, as he continued to follow the story for me, contacting my sources again and again on my behalf when new questions arose. The team’s help was vital to me.

Susanne Junker
Information (Dagbladet) Newspaper, Denmark

We needed someone in Romania who could quickly pull together a variety of segments and reach out to local media to boost our publicity.
The team lined up open doors with non-profits; government offices; secretive businesses; elusive car collectors; insular community leaders; local actors; and a heap of magazines, newspapers, and news channels. They already had many contacts at their disposal, but when asked to get something completely novel the location managers never once said “we can’t do that.” I wish I had a team like this in every location we filmed: affordable, fun, positive, and result oriented.

fixer in Romania
Jonathan Legg
Host, Co-Producer, and Writer of The Road Less Traveled

The team were instrumental in our pre-production, production and post-production process. They helped secure locations, assisted during interviews and helped with transcription of Romanian interviews into English. The written English language transcripts were extremely clean and well written which ultimately helps to create a better product. I would fully endorse them to media looking for a professional fixer in Romania.

fixer in Romania
Jonah M. Kessel
The New York Times

Paul is not just a reliable fixer but also a great guy to travel with. Although our time together was a little more relaxed than a documentary film shoot, he was still always thinking ahead to make whatever we wanted possible. I’m almost certain that without Paul’s help, much of my trip would not have been possible.


Jacob James
Travel and cultural documentary photographer

If you’re a reporter bound for Romania, this team essential for arranging crucial on-the-ground appointments. Efficient and enthusiastic, they don’t waste your time, and they ‘get’ what you need. I can’t recommend them too highly. And they are good guys too.

fixer in Romania
Eric Ellis
Euromoney Magazine

I worked with Paul in Dec ’13 after he was recommended to me by another reporter at the BBC. I’ve worked with a lot of different fixers all over the world and Paul was by far one of the most organised and hard-working. He managed to secure some very high profile interviews as well as some brilliant case-studies that really made our reports stand-out. He worked with charm and humour throughout the week and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

fixer in Romania
Lucy Woolliscroft

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