Video Kit Rental in Romania

Affordable & quality video kit rental in Romania? We make it happen through our gear rental partner in Bucharest.

If you are in need of film equipment, you can always count on us to deliver excellent rental kit at local rates. At Filming in Romania, we understand the need to stay within the budget without losing quality. This is why we have established a relationship with one of the biggest rental houses in Northern Bucharest. Whether you are looking for 4k camera rental, film lighting equipment or other video gear, we can deliver it fast and without hassle.

Filming in Romania is a one-stop boutique production company and our purpose is to equip you with the video rental gear that will help you make your story known to the world. We did content for many platforms, such as the BBC, Netflix, and Discovery Channel, and have always surpassed our clients’ expectations. Do not let yourself be burdened by logistics. Instead, focus on your vision and let us handle the video equipment rental in Romania.

Why choose our services for video kit rental in Romania?

We have an impressive portfolio of clients and vast experience in assisting with filming projects. We also have a passion for the industry and understand your needs. But, most of all, we know that the camera package is to you what words are to a writer. You need it to express your vision and it has to be exactly what you had in mind.

Video Gear Rental Made Easy

video kit rental in romania

By choosing to work with us, you get exclusive access to:

  • Camera package rental deals
  • Complete solutions for audio-video production, photography & post-production
  • Innovative film lighting equipment
  • Fast & affordable video kit rental
  • Cutting-edge film equipment
  • 24/7 assistance from our media & filmmaking professionals
video kit rental in romania

We handle video kit rental for documentary filmmakers, journalists following a cover story, professional photographers, as well as directors and advertising agencies. Based on our vast experience we can also help with suggestions and if you need it, a professional camera op.

Choose to work with an enthusiastic team that can offer you the best video kit rental options in Romania. To us, nothing is ever impossible. No matter how tight your budget is or how fast you need your camera package rental, we can make it happen. Tell us what you need, when you need it and for how long you will use it. Your gear will arrive fully tested and ready to start shooting right away.  No hassle and always respectful of your time and budget.

How can you get your rental film equipment in Romania?

Filming in Romania makes video kit rental easy and affordable. If you need film equipment, simply contact us, and you will get access to local gear rental services. So how does it work?

1 You send us a message or call us using the contact details that you can find on our website. Tell us what you need, whether it is a 4k camera rental, film lighting equipment or other audio-visual gear. The more details you give us, the faster we can answer back and let you know how we can help. However, if you don’t know all the details, don’t worry. We can also offer film shooting equipment suggestions based on our experience in various niches of the filmmaking & media industry.

2 Within 24 hours you will receive your answer from us along with an offer for equipment rental in Romania.

3 After you decide to work with us, simply tell us when and where you need your film equipment. It can be anywhere in Romania, we will make sure it arrives on time.

4 Your video kit arrives on time, fully tested and clean. You can start shooting right away and stick to your timeline as you let us handle the logistics.

Even more, in case there is any issue related to your video kit rental in Romania, you can count on us to solve it. We always assist our clients in finding the best audio-visual and post-production solutions for their film project. You can rely on us to handle any challenge that might come along the way.

Go ahead and take a look through our portfolio to see what our clients have to say about our services. Then send us a message and say what kind of production gear you need and when you need your video kit rental in Romania. It is our guarantee that you will get the best lens and equipment rental offer, along with our full support. We believe in your vision, respect your timeline and always stick to your budget. Choose Filming in Romania and enjoy having a partner who offers you complete audio-visual production solutions.